Terms and Conditions
At Celebritiesrepublic.com.com, we value transparency and ensure that all users of our website are aware of and agree to our terms and conditions. These policies serve as a foundation for our operations and aim to establish a strong bond between our company and customers in the fashion industry. Our commitment is to deliver the promised quality and genuine leather products to customers worldwide. It is essential for all customers to comply with our specific terms and conditions, which may be modified as needed, to elevate our business and brand. By upholding ethical and legal considerations, we strive to monitor and satisfy customer needs.

Payment Services

To provide convenience to our customers, we accept credit cards and PayPal as payment options for purchasing our leather jackets. You can conveniently use MasterCard, VISA, American Express, or western union credit cards. We also facilitate payment through wire transfer and money order.

Shipping and Delivery

We prioritize offering reliable and satisfactory shipping services for our fashionable leather jackets. We have partnered with reputable shipping service providers capable of handling online orders promptly. Our efficient logistics ensure timely delivery assistance. Shipping charges depend on your location and distance from our store, but we do not charge any additional fees for our services. Once you place an order on our website, our customer representative will confirm your order and provide further details shortly. Delivery processing begins upon order confirmation and online payment. Our delivery service will ensure your order reaches your doorstep. Typically, delivery at Celebritiesrepublic.com takes 5 to 14 business days at most. Custom design orders may require additional processing time.


The prices of our leather jackets at Celebritiesrepublic.com are determined based on the skilled craftsmanship and exquisite handcrafted designs that give you a fashionable appearance. Our custom services and products are tailored to enhance your style and provide a premium experience. The price of each jacket includes the cost of the leather and its quality.

Return and Exchange

We offer a return and exchange policy under specific conditions, and we encourage customers to review the policy before submitting a request. Our aim is to fulfill your requests and ensure a satisfactory online shopping experience. Customers are required to ship their orders back to us within 30 days of the order delivery.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts

To bring happiness to our customers, we introduce promotional offers and exclusive discounts. At Celebritiesrepublic.com, we are always excited to offer new and imaginative products. Please note that special codes and offers have specific time limits and should be used within the designated period.

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