Return and Exchange

Our success depends on you and so we keep ourselves striving to grow like the one you have been looking for. Celebrities republic are known to offer ease at every step of the online leather shopping with the deepest support from users and that is worth availing. Our unique designing and crafting skills, have brough to light some specific policies so that our customers are satisfied while they shop till, they drop. Our objective is to put out customers to the limelight by making their online shopping difficultiesvanish through the concerned regulations, that are subjected to the authenticity from our matchless online services. We have offered an easy return and exchange policy for our shoppers to make them trust with our services that are offered to ease the shopping pains. Being a legit celebrity leather jackets seller, we have a team of experts that are capable of handling your orders effectively and professionally. Celebrities republic requires the shoppers to read and follow our return and exchange policy before we place an order on our online store. We are always striving to offer hassle free services to hold a well-known position in the fashion industry always. Our standards are high because of our happy customers that believe in our services and commitments.

Why Sending Us Back Your Parcel?

Before you claim a request for return and exchange, we would like to know if any of the following conditions by the returned item, which needs to be returned as soon as you receive the order

  • Your parcel has been exchanged or confused with any other jacket from the one you have ordered.
  • The jacket doesn’t fit your size
  • The colors and design look different from the picture
  • You received a defected piece
  • The jacket looks awful with compromised quality

Celebrities Republic answering your Queries

We are always looking forward for your feedback and how you question our services. Our policy has answered all those who have gone through the above mention inconvenience with any of our services. We have outlined the following terms and condition to let you know how efficiently we help the customer issues without letting them face any online shopping frauds.

Below are the listed policies that make sure that our services are lined up to assist you no matter what

  1. If you receive a faulty parcel, please inspect the jacket with the requirements you sent to us. We request you to claim a return and/or exchange of leather jacket by first thoroughly checking the issues
  2. Send us the faulty package the way it was delivered to you i.e., not perfumed and no other signs and stains of liquor must be on the jacket
  3. Make sure all of the tags and other attached pieces are intact with the jacket if your order is not satisfying your shopping needs
  4. Claim return and/or exchange within the 30 days of receiving the parcel so that we can process your query as quickly as possible. No claim will be entertained after 30 days of receiving the order
  5. Return and/or exchange the unused item immediately after inspecting the issues
  6. The shipping cost of returned and/or exchange item will be borne by the customer itself. The company will not be held responsible for any shipping issue in this regard
  7. Return and/or exchange policy only implies on the pre-designed jackets. The custom jackets are not categorized in this policy as the jackets are stitched according to the required measurements
  8. Do mention the order reference before sending us the parcel

Refund Policy

Refund will be claimed only in the following circumstances

    • 30 days return policy guarantee.
    • Product not as described
    • If the courier service mismanaged your parcel during shipping and delivery
    • If the ordered jacket is out of stock.

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